Village Blizzard Warning for March 13, 2017

From the department of emergency management of the Village of South Floral Park, we bring you this urgent message: the village urges all residents to prepare for the impending blizzard scheduled to arrive in the overnight hours. Conditions will start to deteriorate in the early morning hours with strong winds & heavy snow fall. We urge residents to prepare in advanced & have their emergency go-kits ready, both at home & in their vehicles, to keep you, your family, & your pets safe. Limit outside travel since emergency services may be delayed due to inclement conditions & vehicles blocking passage on streets. While our highway department continues its efforts to keeps roads clear, we ask for your cooperation. Please note that by order of Mayor Prime, vehicles may NOT be parked on ANY village street at ANY time starting tonight at 9pm through Wednesday at 6am. Again, vehicles are prohibited from parking on streets tonight through wed evening to permit for proper plowing & allow emergency trucks to pass. Every vehicle parked on the street will be ticketed & towed at owner’s expense. Streets with parked cars cannot be properly plowed. Also note that homeowners are required to remove snow from public sidewalks & walkways within 24 hours after snowfall; shoveling, pushing, & throwing snow onto village streets or into sewers or other private property is against the law, not to mention a danger to drivers & pedestrians. Homeowners will be issued a summons to appear in court & will be fined if any resident violates any snow removal laws. Putting snow on village streets will undo our efforts in keeping the streets clear. Interruptions of utility services should be reported directly to your service provider. Should you experience any fire or medical emergency, call 516-742-3300 or 9-1-1. For additional emergency preparedness instructions, visit our website at & click Emergency Preparedness.