Laws & Codes

Below is a quick, condensed look at some of the most commonly-referenced local laws for South Floral Park. For a detailed listing of all the local laws & codes in the Village of South Floral Park including penalties & fines, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view by chapter. To view all updates and amendments, please come to Village Hall and request same. The first link displays the Table of Contents which details the material in chapter & page order. Then, you may click on the specific chapter to view. 
The Village Code Enforcer’s responsibility is to make sure that all residents or visitors are in compliance with local laws. An enforcer may include the Code Enforcement Officer, Village Administrator, Deputy Village Administrator, or Building Inspector (§11-1). Furthermore, these enforcers, in the discharge of their duties, shall have the right to enter upon any lot for purposes of inspection and enforcement (§11-3).
Any person in violation of local laws or ordinances shall be issued a summons to pay a fine or appear in court. Village Justice Court meets on the 3rd Monday, monthly, at 6:00pm at Village Hall, 383 Roquette Ave, South Floral Park, NY 11001. (Email:
§ 63-7   Defecation and urination in public places All dogs (or other animals) must be leashed when dog walker walks the animal.  Dog walker (owner) must pick up any defecation and dispose of it properly.  No owner shall knowingly  permit any dog to urinate or defecate upon any sidewalk. All dogs must be licensed through the  Town Of Hempstead.
§ 143-1 Premises free of accumulations Property must be clear of all debris, noxious weeds, long grasses, rubbish or other material likely to cause damage by fire.
§ 122-3 Unlawful in streets The throwing of stones, snowballs and other missiles and playing ball or throwing of balls within the streets of the Incorporated Village of South Floral Park is hereby declared unlawful.
§ 157-4 Abandoning in public places It shall be unlawful to permit any [shopping] cart to be left or placed in a public place in the Village.
§ 178-1 Permit required to obstruct No person shall place any materials upon any street or public place to impede access or passage without a permit.
§ 198-2 Storing and depositing of vehicles restricted It is unlawful to store or deposit an abandoned, junked, discarded, dismantled or unlicensed motor vehicle or cycle in and upon any lot or land, enclosed or otherwise, within the Village of South Floral Park. An unregistered vehicle must be garaged or removed. If such vehicle is on the property, the homeowner will be issued a summons.
§ 202-12 Stopping, standing, and parking prohibited certain hours No stopping, standing, or parking is permitted on Village streets between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday 365 days.
§ 202-23 Off-street parking prohibited Off-street parking of any vehicle shall be prohibited in all areas of the lot except upon driveway or garage including grass, sidewalks or any other place on premise.
§ 210-12 Commercial vehicles Only one vehicle may be a commercial, and it shall be garaged on the same lot with the main residence building.(A). Inadequate garage facilities. If there is no garage existing on lot, or the existing garage is unable to shelter the commercial vehicle, then it must be parked to the rear of lot to the farthest extent of the driveway or other parking area.(B).No blocking of sidewalk area permitted. No commercial vehicle shall be permitted to park in an area adjacent to the sidewalk area where the commercial vehicle or any part thereof, blocks any part of the sidewalk area.
§ 210-25 Fences and hedges(D).Every fence or wall, whether constructed of masonry, wood, metal, or other materials, shall be installed and maintained in a safe and sightly condition and shall at all times be maintained in a state of good repair, including but not limited to the replacement and/or repair of all loose, broken or rotten wood; loose, broken, or crumbling masonry; and loose, broken, or twisted metal portions of fences and walls.