Do I need a permit to…

…renovate my house? Simple changes to the inside of a home may or may not require a permit; however, any structural modifications or additions do require a permit. This includes any new plumbing installations or electrical work. Call the building department at village hall with any specific questions at 516-352-8047.
…fix or replace my fence or property wall or my stoop? Yes
…have a dumpster temporarily placed on my property? Yes
…have a dumpster temporarily place on the street? Yes
…host a garage sale & post signs? Yes, but signs cannot be posted on public or village property & must be removed immediately after sale is over.
…post a “For Sale”, “For Rent”, or real estate agency sign on my property? Yes
…install a sink? Yes, all plumbing fixtures require a permit
…install a toilet? Yes, all major plumbing projects require a permit
…install a boiler or hot water heater? Yes
…build a new garage or shed? Yes, a permit is needed to build a garage but not a small, pre-manufactured storage shed
…enclose my porch/patio? Yes, permit is required if patio is being enclosed by screens on the 1st floor. All enclosures on the 2nd story or above also require a permit. All permanent/heated enclosures, such as an additional room, DO require a permit.
…have a sign posted on my property promoting a business/product? Any sign larger than 6″x 12″ is prohibited. Political yard signs are only permitted on your own private property for a limited time. No promotional signs shall be permitted on public property.
…own a dog? A dog license is required through the Town of Hempstead
Who’s responsible for fixing the sidewalk in front of my property? The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk along their property. Because you are liable, it’s imperative that you upkeep the sidewalk to prevent any accidents or a summons being issued to you for obstruction. All sidewalks must be consistent, gray concrete; no brick sidewalks are allowed.
Who’s responsible for plowing the snow from the sidewalks & streets? Homeowners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall. The village plows the streets as long as there are no vehicles parked on them. It is against New York State Law to park on the streets during snow emergencies.
What should I do if my neighbor’s tree is growing onto my property? You may NOT cut down a neighbor’s tree without their consent; however, you may trim branches that come onto your property line. It’s always best to let your neighbor know first & get a professional to take care of it.
May I have a refrigerator placed on the outside of my property or on my patio? No, appliances of this sort (in good working order or not) are not only unsightly & against village code, but pose a serious safety hazard. Call District 6 Sanitation for instructions on how to properly dispose of large appliances at 516-481-7110 before 3pm.
How do I obtain a copy of my deed? A certified copy may be obtained from the Nassau County Clerk’s Office at 240 Old Country Road; Mineola, NY 11501. There is a fee & you need the section, block, & lot numbers of said property.
Where do I get a marriage license? Marriage licenses may be obtained at the Town of Hempstead Town Clerk’s office at 1 Washington Street; Hempstead, NY 11550. The mayor of South Floral Park is available to perform the ceremony with an appointment.
When are village property taxes due & who do I pay? Homeowners are responsible for paying their village taxes every year by July 1, whether they receive a paper bill or not. After July 1st, penalties start to accrue. If you do not receive a bill, it’s your responsibility to contact Village Hall & inquire about it. Payments should be made to the Inc. Village of South Floral Park. Cash, money orders, & checks are accepted with exact amount due. Checks or money orders will not be accepted if the amount is not accurate, even by 1 cent. You may also make a payment online with your charge card through www.sfppayments.com (a fee applies). You may email any tax questions to villageclerk@southfloralpark.org.
Can I rent my house or basement? Homeowners are allowed to rent out their homes to qualifying tenants. Be aware that the homeowner is ultimately responsible for the behavior of their tenants & the maintenance of their properties. In many cases, summonses are issued to the homeowner, as well as the renter, for court appearances or fines. Basement rentals are strictly illegal. Local Law prohibits basement rentals under any circumstances. Village hall does not get involved in landlord-tenant disputes.
What should I do if I get a ticket? You should either pay the fine or appear in court as indicated on the summons. Failure to take action immediately may lead to late fees, judgments, even license or registration suspension. You may email your question or request for adjournment to justicecourt@southfloralpark.org.
Can I pay my ticket online or over the phone? The Village Justice Court has many payment methods by mail or in person including cash, money orders & charge cards (Visa/MasterCard only). Charge card payments may be authorized via email or fax, as well. To make an online payment, visit www.paycourtonline.com. Charge card payments cannot be made by phone. All charge card transactions are subject to a processing fee.
What should I do if I get a Notice of Violation from the Village Hall? This is a notice allowing you the opportunity to correct the indicated violation within the time frame given before a ticket is issued with a fine & court appearance date.
Is there a notary public available in the village? No
How can I get more involved in my community and give something back? South Floral Park has a selection of community-minded organizations that are always looking for volunteers to help make a difference. These organizations work solely through grants & donations so your financial contributions are also vital. The Fire Department, The Civic Association, & The Women’s Auxiliary are a few. More information is available on the Village Organizations page, in your resident handbook, or at the Village Hall.
Additional questions or concerns may be emailed in to info@southfloralpark.org.