Village Organizations

South Floral Park Volunteer Fire Department 

The history of the South Floral Park Fire Department dates back to the early 1920’s. The new fire house at 383 Roquette Avenue was dedicated on October 19, 1986. You must be at least 18 years old to join the department. Full professional training is conducted by Officers of the Department and by the Fire Service Academy. General membership meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm.  Sponsored events include Annual Fire Prevention Month activities in October and the Firemen’s Field remembrance and wreath placing. Donations are mostly collected once a year through a firefighter-hosted fundraiser. We are always seeking new volunteer members to serve our community and save lives. Please contact Chief Kevin Bellamy at the fire house at 516-354-7833 for further information.

Fire Department Juniors Program In 2016, the fire department initiated a program for local children between 14 & 17 years old to become part of the department & provide them much-needed support while gaining valuable experience & training. This program not only allows for technical learning but fosters a sense of community, camaraderie, & gives members something to do on their free time while helping to save lives. The program also facilitates their joining the department once they turn 18 years old. Please contact the Fire Department for an application at 516-354-7833.  


Ladies’ Auxiliary The Ladies’ Auxiliary proudly exists to assist the fire department in all its endeavors. The members volunteer in many community-related activities. They also learn many life-saving skills such as CPR and emergency response. Any new member must be at least 18 years old. General membership meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at 8:00pm. Please contact the fire department for further information at 516-354-7833.

4VS (4-village studio) 4VS is an award-winning, “Government Access” television facility producing community interest programming made by and for residents in the four-village area. All 4VS programs are non-commercial and emanate from a governmental, educational, or cultural derivation. Tune in every day for information on local happenings. For more info visit:

South Floral Park Civic Association   The South Floral Park Civic Association was organized in February, 1990. Its goal is to promote, sponsor, and organize programs and activities that ultimately enhance the quality of life for all its residents. The association organizes community meetings, workshops, seminars and other events to inform residents about private or public policy matters that impact the well being, safety and preservation of the community. All residents are welcomed to join and monthly meetings are held every 3rd Thursday at 8:00pm. The current president is Tony Barbieri & may be contacted through the village main office, at 516-352-8047. 

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